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Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Business Sector: Services, Equipment, Instruments and Media

Major Product / Service: Chemical Analysis
Instruments & Systems Automation Solutions DNA Microarrays Electrophoresis Gas Chromatography ICP-MS Lab-on-a-Chip Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Spectroscopy Competent Cells DNA Microarrays DNA Target Enrichment Instrument Standards & Kits Mutagenesis Nucleic Acid Purification & Analysis PCR & Reverse Transcription Protein Expression & Analysis Protein Preparation Real-Time/Quantitative PCR Total RNA & cDNA Libraries Informatics & Software Chromatography Data Systems Electronic Lab Notebook Lab-on-a-Chip Workstations Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) Life Sciences Informatics Mass Spectrometry Workstations OpenLAB Spectroscopy Data Systems Clinical iagnostics HYCOR Allergy Testing HYCOR Autoimmune Testing HYCOR Urinalysis Services Service & Support Plans Compliance Services Instrument Monitoring & Diagnostics Instrument Lifecycle Planning

Nature of Activities: Marketing; Marketing of freeze dryers, clean room projects, biological containers,biosafety cabinets, programmable freezers, high speed ultra filtered air showers.

Est: NA

Corporate Address:
Unit Nos. 105 – 116,
First Floor, Splendor Forum,
Plot No – 3, District Center Jasola,
New Delhi – 110025
State: New Delhi

P.I.N. #110025
Phone: 011 46237100
Fax: 011 46237106
Contact Email:

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