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Cannabis Revenue by State, the potential for $18,494,910,000.00

Cannabis Revenue by State, the potential for $18,494,910,000.00 in Cannabis related funding for our national infrastructure.
($865.74 Billion in Total State Tax Revenue in 2016) – Source PDF compiled by Good Acts
*This list is with only the 4 “Legal States” reporting – California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

cannabis tax revenue by state 2017 total potential
cannabis tax revenue by state 2017 total potential
Colorado Pricing for Cannabis
Colorado Pricing for Cannabis -2016

Each state has a different population, and use rate, and the funds would stay in each state’s coffer as it is now.
We should consider an appropriations bill in each state that Cannabis funds
can NOT be used for funding the following:

  • Law Enforcement,
  • Prosecution or Court Salaries,
  • County/State | Jails/Prisons,
  • private jails/prisons staff,
  • Federally Funded Operations – IRS, ATF, FBI, NSA, DoD, VA, nor any other Alphabet group, corporations included,
  • Hospitals who capitalize on illnesses, so 99% of current hospitals,
  • Large Pharmaceutical Companies like GW Pharmaceutical or Greenwhich, what ever they go by this week, or
  • Chemical Companies like Bayer, who now owns Monsanto, General Hydroponics, and DOW chemical, the makers of Agent Orange, the death mist.
  • More nefarious entities can be listed later, but to easily sum it up, NO funding shall go towards any entity that has been prosecuting, investigating, destroying, and lying about the medicinal properties of this plant.

    #newrules We abolish qualified immunity.

Also include what we can spend the Cannabis funding on:

    1. Cannabis Education Research | Testing | Medical | Industrial – Confirming strain, molecular makeup, and particulate attachments. Also educating laymen, lawmen, teachers, nurses, doctors, court staff, family law system personnel, and all humans about the science behind cannabis.
    2. Water, Food, Drug, and (building material) Clothing Testing Centers
    3. Existing 501c3 organizations with proven results in helping the least of us, such as Austin, Texas’ Integral Care or Kansas City’s Veterans Community Project where they are building tiny homes for Veterans. This funding could expand that initiative to all homeless. Combine both of these initiatives in helping those with out, funded by Cannabis revenue.
    4. Funds can be used to teach inmates to how to grow their own food for their fellow inmates, as well as using cannabis to treat the myriad of symptoms that the inmates are given on a regular basis. 70% of the entire prison population are on medications of some sort. These funds can go towards providing inmates proper health care and nutrition

    5. ETX prison unit changes lives, gains national attention

    6. Education, let science fund the school systems instead of politicians and district mappers. Reward students with the joys of learning rather than the tedium of testing. Not much of a solution to prove the kids are learning well, other than being physically fit and happy. Goal achieved.
    7. Infrastructure – Atlanta’s roads, California’s dam roads and 1-35 in Temple, nuff said. Fix Pot holes with hempcrete, test the durability and find the cost savings. Then build everything out of it. Fire resistant, Mold retardant, and it is porous to allow for water drainage rather than oil slicks. #Science
    8. Nutrition – Build Farms, or go From Pharms to Farms | A Veteran’s Road to Freedom