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The World is Waking Up to Cannabis Research & Development

2019 will be a banner year for the cannabacae family and the education of the masses for cannabinoids being produced by both hops and cannabis as a nutritional source of Cannabigerol for Cannabidiol production as well as the infamous Tetrahydrocannabinol. There are already thousands of hop producers in the United States of America with humulus varietals that posses a characteristic terpene profile, which produce high levels of ß-myrcene, caryophyllene, and humulene.
This means that the entire beer brewing industry could be potentially growing, using and producing beer that contains CBG, CBD, and THC, all without much change in their processes.

We have been fooled for centuries about the health requirement of hops and cannabis in our daily diet for effective Endocannabinoid System activation which is how our body maintains homeostasis and regulates our immune system. A bastardization of nature in the most evil form, this criminalizing plants for profits, and worse, denying humans of a basic right to access clean plant products that provide a full spectrum of purposes.

The argument over who has the authority to deprive any human of basic nutritional substances has long been a courtroom decision that has rarely been in favor of the human, but rather favors the straw man human, the corporation. Corporations are far more valuable to the court system than humans, and the greed of the their bottom line has shown time and time again that all systems are rigged to favor sources of income. Humans are not as valuable to the legal system as corporations, there for we loose out most often when science and human rights are involved.

“But there is a loophole: for CBD that is not derived from cannabis. And the Peak Health Foundation took advantage of that loophole to create Real Scientific Humulus Oil (RHSO-K), a CBD oil derived from the kriya brand humulus plant. Because that plant is a variety of hop, not cannabis, the oil is legal in this country.”

World’s First Non-Cannabis CBD Oil Is High on Hops
Nick Maahs | July 28, 2018 | 5:56am

Since the entire brewing industry would rather not be viewed as drug dealers, like their true nature displays, the silent elephant in the room is that the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries have done more harm to humans than tobacco companies have, and between them all have murdered more humans than cannabis or hops could ever possibly harm. Cannabis has still not shown up as a cause of death for toxicity alone in a human. Compare that to how many humans die of diseases from not having access to clean water, and this legalization argument stays pedantic and an obvious use of violent legislation and regulations surrounding health providing plants.

Pineapple Train Wreck 2019
Cannabis Sativa – Pineapple Train Wreck Strain – Flower

“When it comes to treating opioids, public health surveys have provided evidence for decreased opioid use with medical cannabis. The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that states with medical cannabis are associated with a 25% reduction in average opioid overdose mortality rates. The concepts, controversies and emerging evidence from this type of pre-clinical and clinical cannabis research are being investigated and argued now, more than ever.”

5 Critical Questions Cannabis Researchers And Producers Are Asking In 2019
Andre Bourque Forbes Contributor

Hopefully 2019 will bring forth some serious definitions for the cannabis plant and the cannabacae family towards the nutritional values that humans deserve.