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Americos Industries Inc.

Business Sector: Process Industries, Enzymes

Major Product / Service: Textile Enzymes; Food enzymes, flavour

Nature of Activities: Optimization and formulation of recipe for enzymatic textile process; novel effect on denim through enzymatic route; manufacturing of cellulase which can work at ambient temperature; bio-scouring of cotton substrate. Manufacture,R & D,Marketing; Evaluation of textile enzymes like amylase, cellulase and pectinase & its application on textiles substrate.

Est: 1994

Corporate Address:
Americos Industries Inc
Ganesh Plaza,
Nr. Navrangpura Post Office, Ahmedabad,
State: Gujarat

P.I.N. #380009
Phone: 079-26447781/ 82, 26447736
Fax: 079-26447736
Contact Email:

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