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J.K. Agri Genetics Ltd

Business Sector: Agriculture, Transgenic Plants, Plant Tissue Culture

Major Product / Service: Field crops and vegetables

Nature of Activities: Manufacture,R & D,Marketingl Marker assisted breeding for cotton and rice, development of transgenic cotton, rice, mustard, pigeon pea, watermelon, DNA profiling. Seed purity analysis using molecular techniques, ELISA tests, application of in vitro culture of regeneration of transformed plants.Agrobacterium and biolistic mediated transformation technology in various crops using novel genes.Molecular techniques aided crop development primarily cotton, rice, sunflower, mustard and vegetables.

Est: 1989

Corporate Address:
J.K. Agri Genetics Ltd,
4th Floor,
Varun Towers,
Andhra Pradesh
State: Andhra Pradesh

P.I.N. #500016
Phone: 91-40-66316858
Fax: 91-40-27764943
Contact Email:

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