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Genome Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

Business Sector: Healthcare, Diagnostics

Major Product / Service: Diagnostics

Nature of Activities: Manufacture, R & D, Marketing; Repackaging & manufacture of: basic molecular biology enzymes & reagents like: Taq DNA polymerase, M-Mulv, pfu, PCR premixes, single tube RT/PCR premixes, basic molecular biology chemicals like EDTA, sod. acetate, dNTP’s, agarose, buffers etc. Manufacture of molecular diagnostic kits and gel PCR kits after technology transfer from Professional Biotech Pvt. Ltd Development of DNA/RNA extraction kits.

Est: NA

Corporate Address:
Genome Diagnostics,
G/167-B, G Block,
Hari Nagar,
New Delhi
State: New Delhi

P.I.N. #110058
Phone: 91-11-25594124, 25517063, 3258102
Fax: 91-11-25511160
Contact Email:

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