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Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Business Sector: Marine Environment

Major Product / Service: Booms with accessories like reel, power pack, towing arrangements etc.
– Oil Skimmers
–. Power Packs
– Coastal Clean-up Vessels
– Hydraulic Pumps
– Storage Tanks, both floating as well as onshore
– Air Balloon for salvage operations
– Amphibious machines for dredging and excavating
– Ultraviolet Surviellance lights for ships
– Dispersant Spray system
– Re-usable adsorbents made of human hair
– Ship Security & Fencing Systems
– Bioremediation
– Accessories for OSR Equipment

Nature of Activities: Marine repair activities and Marine Environment servicies

Est: 1999

Corporate Address:
M/s Viraj Clean Sea Enterprises (P) Ltd., D-440, 2nd Floor, Vashi Plaza
Sector-17, Vashi
Navi Mumbai,
State: Maharashtra

P.I.N. #400 703
Phone: 91-22 2765 7811/ 4013 5610/ 6514 5610
Fax: 91-22 2765 0963
Contact Email:;

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