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SysArris Software Private Ltd

Business Sector: Bioinformatics,Services, Contract Research Organization, Software Tools

Major Product / Service: Genomics, Proteomics, High Throughput Screening, Image Analysis and MicroArray Analysis

Nature of Activities: R & D; Provides software services to clients globally for drug discovery and drug development. It has developed and delivered custom solutions in the areas of RNAi technology, nanotechnology, HTS apart from building products to design RT-PCRs, siRNA, microarray.Development of algorithms to model various biotech designs or processes; bioinformatics tools.

Est: 1994

Corporate Address:
SysArris Software Private Ltd
No. 120 A, Elephant Rock Road, Jayanagar III Block,
State: Karnataka

P.I.N. #560011
Phone: 91-80-26655165, 26655052
Fax: #VALUE!
Contact Email:

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