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Sun Agrigenetics P.Ltd

Business Sector: Agriculture, Transgenic Plants

Major Product / Service: Antibodies, Diagnostics

Nature of Activities: Manufacture,R & D,Marketing; A company involved in developing technology for scale up of cultivation of microalgae for biodiesel production and pursuing research on transgenic plants.Biotechnology for energy production,cultivating Jatropha in wasteland and microalgae in sewage water for biodiesel production; bioengineering of enzyme hydrogenase to make it less sensitive to oxygen.

Est: 1999

Corporate Address:
Sun Agrigenetics Pvt.Ltd
2nd Floor,
Reign Plaza,
Gotri Road,Vadodara,
State: Gujarat

P.I.N. #3900021
Phone: 91-265-6535260,2397078
Fax: 91-265-2322138
Contact Email:

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