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Privi Organics Ltd.

Business Sector: Health-care; Industrial products and processes

Major Product / Service: Alpha Damascone Alpha Ionone
Alpha Ionone Alpha Ionone 950
Amber Fleur Beta Ionone
Citronellal Citronellyl Acetate
Citronellyl Nitrile Dihydromyrcenol
Florascone Gamma Methyl Ionone
Gammanolene 700 Geranyl Acetate
Indian Sandal Core

Nature of Activities: The company is in the Business of Manufacturing and Selling Aroma ChemicalsThe Company has two Research and Development Laboratory. One is for Synthetic Chemistry and one is for Bio-Technology.
Year of commissioning of R&D (synthetic): 2004
Year of commissioning of R&D (BIOTECH): 2008

Est: 1991

Corporate Address:
Privi Organics Ltd.,
Privi House, A-71,
TTC Industrial Area,
Thane Belapur Road,
Kopar Khairane,
New Mumbai,
State: Maharashtra

P.I.N. #400709
Phone: 91-22 27783040-48
Fax: 91-22-27783049
Contact Email:

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