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Nandan Biomatrix Limited

Business Sector: Bio-energy

Major Product / Service: Natural products

Nature of Activities: Nandan has pioneered in Jatropha Agri-R&D in all the areas starting from plant material development through Germplasm accessions, Progeny and Provenance trials, Selections, Inter and Intra specific hybridization and characterizing them with Molecular markers. In the process we have been awarded four international patents for our Jatropha Hybrids responsible for High seed yield, High oil content, High oleic content towards quality of the oil and inter-specific hybrids, respectively

Est: 1999

Corporate Address:
Nandan Biomatrix Limited,
Plot No. 46, Road No.13,
Banjara Hills,
Andhra Pradesh
State: Andhra Pradesh

P.I.N. #500034
Phone: 91-9000500950 91-40 23320999
Fax: 040 2332 8109
Contact Email:

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