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Molecular Connections

Business Sector: Bioinformatics, Services, Software Tools

Major Product / Service: Netpro, Xtractor, Xtractor premium

Nature of Activities: R & D, Consultancy; To curate and annotate information from full text articles, patent documents and abstracts covering various areas of biology and chemistry. Molecular Connections has specific expertise in building knowledge-bases for rapidly growing genomics, proteomics and related areas.Has powerful tool development, database integration and effective data development visualization capabilities., Works across various areas including protein interactions and pathways, protein target databases, chemical compound and reaction information, ADME Tox, clinical, diseases, drugs etc.

Est: 2001

Corporate Address:
Molecular Connections Private Limited
Kandala Mansions, #2/2, Kariappa Road,
Basavanagudi, Bangalore,
State: Karnataka

P.I.N. #560004
Phone: 91-80-41205016
Fax: 91-80-41208956
Contact Email:

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