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Mahaan Proteins Ltd

Business Sector: Process Industries, Nutraceuticals

Major Product / Service: F.M.C.G, Contracts manuf. Services

Nature of Activities: R & D; Specialised in manufacturing dairy ingredients and is currently developing caseinates and functional WPCs. Has facility for spray drying specialising in instantly soluble powders for the nutraceutical industry., Only composite dairy ingredient plant in India that manufactures edible casein, pharmaceutical and edible grade lactose, whey protein concentrate 70% and pure ghee.

Est: 1992

Corporate Address:
Mahaan Proteins Ltd
2nd Floor,
78/3, Janpath,
New Delhi
State: New Delhi

P.I.N. #110001
Phone: #VALUE!
Fax: 91-11-23718056.
Contact Email:

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