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Lifeguard Laboratories

Business Sector: Healthcare, Animal Biotechnology, Vaccines, Diagnostics

Major Product / Service: Consultancy Services, Pathology & Clinical Chemistry, Microbiological Testing

Nature of Activities: Manufacture, R & D, Consultancy; Consultancy services related to development and validation of diagnostic kits, reagents and vaccines for veterinary use. Manufacturing of new generation food preservatives., Develop mycotoxins and poultry vaccines, food preservatives.

Est: 1997

Corporate Address:
Lifeguard Laboratories.
“Shreya”. No 35,
12th Cross, GHBCS,
State: Karnataka

P.I.N. #560079
Phone: +91-80-23236087, +91.09448015664
Fax: 91-80-23226087
Contact Email:

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