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ILS Bio Services Pvt. Ltd.

Business Sector: Health Care Research

Major Product / Service: IN vitro and In vivo Contract Research, Optical Imaging etc.

Nature of Activities: Laila Impex R & D Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for research. It is recognized as a Research Centre by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi. The Research Center successfully developed several standardized herbal extracts and isolated marker compounds for important medicinal plants. It conducts pharmacological evaluation followed by clinical studies to identify new uses of botanicals and purified phytochemicals. The Research Center strongly supports intellectual property rights, including patent protection for new products and processes.

Est: 1992

Corporate Address:
Imperial Life Sciences (P) Limited
463 Pace City II,
Sector – 37,
State: Haryana

P.I.N. #122001
Phone: 91-124 – 4559800 – 99
Fax: 91-124 4779801
Contact Email:

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