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Ganesh Bio-Control System

Business Sector: Agriculture, Biofertilizers and Biopesticides

Major Product / Service: Automation Products

Nature of Activities: Manufacture; Manufacturing of agro bio product viz. Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Helicoverpa armigera & Spodoptera litura. Pheromone Lure of insects viz. H. armigera, S.litura, Erias vitella, P. gossypiella, DBM, rice stem borer, Brinjal shoot, & fruit borer, B. Dorsalis & B.cucurbitae etc. Ensuring the quality & improvement in products conducting various trials of bio efficacy on different crops & insects.


Corporate Address:
Ganesh Bio-Control System,
Ganesh Chamber,
Gundala Road,
State: Gujarat

P.I.N. #360311
Phone: 91-2825-221610
Fax: 91-2825-228912
Contact Email:

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