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Concord Biotech Ltd

Business Sector: Healthcare, Antibiotics, Fermentation.

Major Product / Service: APIs , Tacrolimus Immunosuppressants
Tacrolimus Premix (Solid dispersion of Tacrolimus)
Mycophenolate Mofetil
Mycophenolate Sodium
Cyclosporine A

Nature of Activities: Manufacture, R & D, Marketing; Manufacturing of Penicillin-G Amidase immobilized enzyme using it’s polymer matrix; fermentation based products; production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Products under development include immunosuppressants, mycophenolate, pimecrolimus and rapamycin.

Est: 2000

Corporate Address:
Concord Biotech Ltd,
B-1002, Safal Pegasus,
10th Floor, Nr. Prahladnagar Garden,
100ft Road, Satellite Road,
Gujarat INDIA.
State: Gujarat

P.I.N. #380015
Phone: #VALUE!
Fax: 91-79-27540802
Contact Email:

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