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Biocon Ltd

Business Sector: Healthcare, Process Industries, Recombinant Therapeutics, Enzymes

Major Product / Service: Biopharmaceuticals,Licensing, Contract Manufacturing
Research Services

Nature of Activities: Manufacture, R & D, Marketing; Focused on custom research, clinical research and enzymes through its two subsidiaries i.e. Syngene International Private Limited which provides chemistry and molecular-based custom research services in early stage drug discovery and development and Clinigene International Private Limited which conducts longitudinal research in diabetes and offers a wide range of comprehensive services in drug development and clinical trials. The research spans bioprocess development, gene expression technologies, secondary metabolites, bioconversions and proteomics. Multiple expertise is being leveraged to leading-edge recombinant biopharmaceuticals and human therapeutics.

Est: 1984

Corporate Address:
Biocon Ltd,
20th KM Hosur Road,
Electronics City,
State: Karnataka

P.I.N. #560100
Phone: 91-80- 4014 4014
Fax: 91-80-28523423
Contact Email:

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