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Bela Instruments

Business Sector: Services, Equipment, Instruments and Media

Major Product / Service: pH/ORP
Contacting Conductivity
Electrodeless Conductivity / Concentration /
Dissolved Oxygen
Level Fermentation Control System etc.

Nature of Activities: Manufacture, R & D, Marketing; Manufacturing and marketing of online/offline process instruments for liquid quality analysis and control of parameters such as pH/ORP, conductivity, concentration and turbidity.

Est: 1984

Corporate Address:
Bela Instruments,
6/309, Jogani Industrial Complex, V.N. Purav Marg,
Chunabhatti, Mumbai,
State: Maharashtra

P.I.N. #400022
Phone: 022-2405 5601to 06
Fax: 022-25235952
Contact Email:

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