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Avigna Chemitech Pvt. Ltd

Business Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Major Product / Service: Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API)
Manufacture of Specialty Chemicals

Nature of Activities: Involved in the business of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It manufactures a variety of API, intermediates for drugs, intermediates for fine and specialty chemicals as well as a variety of chemicals for Research under secrecy agreements Agrochemical formulation & Pharmaceutical formulation

Est: 2005

Corporate Address:
Avigna Chemitech Pvt. Ltd
456, Road No.3,
Industrial Area, Jigani,
Bangalore South
State: Karnataka

P.I.N. #562 106
Phone: 08110-413800
Fax: 08110-413803

08110 413803 / 906
Contact Email:

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