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Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd

Business Sector: Pharmaceutical, biotechnology

Major Product / Service: Development, manufacturing and marketing of Agribiotech, Industrial & Speciality enzymes & recombinant protein products

Nature of Activities: * Screening and isolation of novel microorganisms for production of,
o Industrial Enzymes (Mesophilic and Thermotolerant enzymes with wide pH range)
o Speciality Enzymes
o Biofertilizers & Biopesticides
o Prebiotics & Probiotics
o Decomposition of lignocellulosic waste for ethanol production.
* Use of molecular biology tools for genotyping and strain development.
* Molecular cloning for development of recombinant strains for therapeutic and non-therapeutic proteins.
* Bioprocess Development and Scale-up of fermentation and downstream process.
* Formulation and application testing of Enzymes, Proteins, Biofertilizers & Probiotics.

Est: NA

Corporate Address:
Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd,
8201/5, Road No. 8,
GIDC Sachin,
State: Gujrat

P.I.N. #NA
Phone: 0261- 3255755, 2399499
Fax: 0261-2399409
Contact Email:

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